About Us

Building Strong Partnerships for Over 80 Years

Built on decades of experience, Titan Development & Investments focuses on the development of affordable housing, senior living communities, market rate housing, Class A office properties, and industrial projects throughout the country. We are a unique company because our portfolio is diverse and we are able to apply our expertise and best practices across our various focuses. Outstanding service, exceptional collaboration, and unparalleled results are among the many qualities that you can expect with Titan.

Our legacy consists of three generations of entrepreneurs and developers, and in addition to that, we have numerous members of our team who have been with us for over two decades. The passion and dedication of our team have helped us be a premier organization. We are committed to our principles of integrity, excellence, innovation, and agility which are shown through all of our interactions with clients and partners.

Three Generations of Hard Work and Determination

Our success stems back to the 1930’s. The Chafoulias family is well known in the Rochester area as being entrepreneurs. It began with Andrew Chafoulias who was a Greek immigrant. After losing his life savings in the Great Depression, Andrew decided to make a fresh start in a new city. Coming to Rochester turned out to be a smart move for Andrew. The Greek immigrant and entrepreneur began several business ventures in Rochester. Andrew’s son, Gus, and grandson, Andrew, used the business sense they inherited and continued the legacy of being hard working developers. 

You can expect unparalleled results with Titan.

Exceeding our client’s expectations is what we are known for. We work hard to build strong relationships to ensure all parties are aligned. And, this happens from the start of each project to ensure a solid foundation exists.

Thoughtful planning and collaboration are items that we focus on throughout all projects to ensure superior outcomes for our clients and partners. We don’t take this lightly. Our world-class team has been carefully selected because of their diverse talent. All of these items ensure unparalleled results for our partners, clients, and investors.

– Andrew Chafoulias, CEO