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Delivering unparalleled results for decades...

The Titan Approach

Solid Foundation

Built on decades of experience, Titan brings innovation and time tested values like integrity, hard work, and understanding the importance of building strong partnerships. We believe the underlying value of each project that we participate in is the relationships built between all parties involved.

Visionary Approach

Titan is a leading development organization that collaborates and partners with premier design firms, construction companies, lenders, investors, and industry leaders. We are known as innovators and strive to constantly find new ways to maximize efficiencies and streamline processes.

Proven Results

Titan has more than six million square feet of assets across the country. Our large network of partners enables us to be part of many projects with varying roles. Our portfolio of managed acquisitions totals over $725 million and assets that we develop and/or invest in are over $85 million per year.

Positive Energy = Positive Results

"Respect and trust are among the top things that we value with our partnerships and internally as well."

Andrew Chafoulias